2020 Blueberry Festival Events

Event Organizer/Contact Information

Mike Laverty, ceo@slpl.on.ca, 737-3660 ext 4401.


All Week Events -

Blueberry Writing Contest –


Into the Blueberry-Verse (Children) – After reading a short story about Blueberry Bert (to be posted to the library’s website at slpl.on.ca/blueberry), you get to keep the story going by creating a new part of the Blueberry-Verse! Children 12 and under are invited to write a story about Blueberry Bert. He can be on the moon. He can be on Sioux Mountain and every in between. Visit our website for full details.

 Mountain Songs (Young Adults – Adults) – We are asking for your best story that takes place in Sioux Lookout or the surrounding area. A volunteer jury will read submissions and select 3 winners. Submissions should be at least 250 words and no longer than 1000 words. All submitted stories are considered for a collected anthology to be printed as a library fund-raiser in the fall.  Visit slpl.on.ca/blueberry for full details.


Scheduled Event

Wednesday, August 5 – Online Art Workshop

(10am) Norah Laverty will demonstrate a variety of techniques for incorporating blueberries (and other animals/plants) into your artwork using water colors. Please contact the library at ceo@slpl.on.ca to register. Each participant will need to pay a $10 fee to cover the costs of material. The library will distribute the material required for the workshop to a maximum of 20 registered participants.