Biz Smarts "Financial Management for the Small Arts Business" Webinar


Community Media Room

Thurs, March 15, 2018 11am - 12:15pm

Financial Management for the Small Arts Business

Delivered by Michael Martyn

Make the numbers dance!
If you're starting out in business you will be managing some, if not all, of the money matters yourself. This webinar gives you a solid foundation in the basics of managing your finances. We will explore the basics of rate setting, revenue and expense projections, budgeting, invoicing essentials, and taxes. Participants will gain familiarity with the essential paperwork and forms used in business, and be encouraged to identify what tasks they can do themselves and which ones they will want to hire. 
You can learn to love the business just as much as you love the thing you've gone into business for: it's all part of your craft.">">">