Digital Creator North Update

Digital Creator North has been up and running in Sioux Lookout for a little over a month now. So far, we have had a some really great projects come out of the space and a well-attended workshop.


During Drop-In hours, or “Open Studio”, our Creators have experimented with typographic portraits, stop-motion animations and photo montage. They have used a number of different programs to make their ideas come to life such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, iMovie and Garage Band. It has been great to see the participants who come in regularly develop their own style as well as develop their skills with software. Every time a Creator uses hotkeys and shortcuts, an angel gets its wings.


Creators have also been trying their hand at computer programming with Code Combat, a web based coding game that teaches introductory computer science, web development and game development through competitive game play. Creators are taught basic syntax, strings and arguments while writing real code with proper structure. The ability to write code is invaluable for today’s youth. It’s important for them not to see computers as magical machines that just “work”, but rather something they can twist, tinker and turn around themselves.


Workshops in April have centered around digital photography. The first session, on portrait photography, focused on manual settings, studio lighting techniques and composition. The second session on outdoor photography takes the skills learned in the first session and develops them further. In the final session, Creators will create a photo montage with their favourite shots from the portrait and outdoor days.


May workshops will be centered around vector graphics. Space will be limited and more details will become available in the Library’s programming schedule for May.


Open Studio for July:

Monday: DCN Closed

Tuesday: Noon - 8pm

Wednesday: Noon - 8pm

Thursday: Noon - 8pm

Friday: Noon - 8pm

Saturday: Noon - 8pm

** When the library is closed, ring the doorbell beside the door. Someone will let you in for Digital Creator North!