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Saturday Matinee - Happiness is... Peanuts


Community Media Room

Check out a hit movie on the big screen! These are free screenings; seating is limited as the capacity of the room is 26 people. Library staff reserve the right to bar admittance.

This movie is rated G by the Motion Picture Association of Canada--Movie is suitable for all ages

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"Snoopy's Adventures" celebrates the most loved, most unconventional and most entertaining beagle. Let Snoopy take your whole family along on all of his funny and whimsical escapades! "Go, Snoopy Go!": America's favorite pastime only gets better when the Peanuts gang hits the field in the TV special "It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown". Then, the antics continue in five adventures from "The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show". There's no stopping the fun when Snoopy is on the go! "Team Snoopy": Batter up with Peanuts and celebrate their greatest sports moments in this collection. It's time to catch the winning spirit and share these tales with your teammates, since happiness is what "Team Snoopy" is all about! "Snow Days": This Peanuts collection of stories celebrates everyone's favorite thing about a long chilly winter: snow days! It may be cold outside but the Peanuts kids are sure to bring lots of warmth and happiness into your home this winter.