To get a Sioux Lookout Public Library card, you need to show us two things:

1) Your Photo Identification (A parent or caregiver must show their photo ID for a child--anyone under 18--to get a library card). We prefer to see Health Cards, Driver's Licenses, Status Cards, etc.) If an applcant does not have photo identification they need to speak directly with the CEO/Chief Librarian to apply for a card.  

2) Your proof of Residence in Sioux Lookout, Hudson, or Lac Seul First Nation. Your document should be dated and clearly show full details on your current address. Here is a list of the most commonly accepted forms of proof of residence: phone/hydro bills, letters from landlords, government issued mail (Health Canada, Ministry of Transporation, etc), Canada Post mailbox agreement, etc).

You can take a photo of these documents with your phone and email those directly to

To apply for a library card online you need to email the CEO/Chief Librarian, Mike Laverty. All personal documentation sent to the CEO/Chief Librarian will be deleted as soon as they are seen. Those who do not wish to send by email can either use our fax number (1-807-737-4046) or send through the post: Sioux Lookout Public Library, C/O Mike Laverty, 21 5th Avenue, PO Box 1028,  Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1B3). 

Please send the following in an email to


Name (first and last) 

Full mailing address

A working phone number and/or current email address) 

Age (only people who are 18 years or older can get their own library card) 

Attachments (or included in email)

Photo Identification 

Proof of Residence 


After receiving your information, the CEO/Chief Librarian will let you know your application has been received. After agreeing to our terms and services you will be given a library card number.