Computer & Printing

At present, there are five computers that the public may use to access the Internet. Many of the computers have touchscreen monitors, Windows 10, and all feature Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher). One computer is designated as an Easy Access Station but anyone can use it if it has not been requested. Free wireless access (wi-fi), provided by K-Net Services, is available throughout the library. 

Users have access to a photograph/document scanner (with software for restoring images), a microfiche reader (for access to archived copies of local newspaper), a colour printer, and a fax machine for sending and receiving.

Usage Fees

Computer Use

It is free to all visitors to use the computers.

Educational Use

A computer can be reserved for educational purposes (examples include taking online courses, educational certifications, research projects, etc). Contact the library to schedule your reservation. 


Black and White
$0.25 per page
$0.50 per full picture

$0.50 / half page
$1.00 / full page

Community Media Room Rental

$10.00 per day or per use for Non-Profit groups
$20.00 per hour for profit, business groups, etc.
(Additional charges apply if using the library’s computers.)